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Is Your Business Ready for a Server?
If you’re a small business with two or more computers, you may be ready for a server to help you run your business more efficiently, keep your data more secure and communicate more professionally and effectively with your customers?
Here’s how you know if the time is right - if you answer Yes to more than one of the following then you should consider using a server.

Do you have two or more computers in your business that you need to connect?
Do you need to protect business information and your company network?
Do you need to back up data?
Do you need to share equipment and resources such as printers, fax machines and internet?
Would you like the ability to restore accidentally deleted files or previous versions of files?
Do you need to access company information and resources while away from the office?
Do you need to easily schedule group meetings and communicate efficiently with colleagues?
Do you need to present a professional image by hosting your own Web site and e-mail system?
Do you need to store, access and share information in one central location?
Do you need to communicate more effectively with customers, partners and suppliers?